About Me

Technology Enthusiast

I’m a self-motivated, results-driven professional who enjoys accelerating in technology awareness through continued education, with over thirty years of hands-on experience in information technology and services, including professional skills in project management, statistical analysis and reporting, and customer support.

Current Projects

UBB.threads PHP Forum Software

Detailed changelogs of my contributed new features, updates, and fixes:
Version 7.6.1, Version 7.6.0, Version 7.5.9.

Major Features I have written for UBB.threads PHP Forum Software:
• Updated all pages to be mobile friendly and modern.
• Added HTTPS support, proxy detection, and IPv6 compatibility.
• Updated all pages to validate as error-free HTML5 pages with CSS3.
• Added a drag-drop file attachment manager.
• Rewrote the time offset system to time zones with automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustments.
• Rewrote the Subscriptions and Accounting systems.
Updated Control Panel to include inline documentation and field entry examples.
• Updated the gallery system to act as a modern internet image gallery, complete with configurable bandwidth and disk-space-saving image compression.
• Updated all language strings from classic tech vocabulary (circa y2k) to modern internet terminology.
• Updated all stock UBBT Styles (skins), and created multiple new modern UBBT Styles.
• Cleanup and optimization of all HTML, CSS, and PHP code.

Layout testing for Windows is performed using Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE. Layout testing for mobile devices is performed on Android with Chrome and Firefox, iOS with Safari, and Windows Phone with Edge.

As a result of this dedicated programming, UBB.Developers now manages the official development for UBB.threads PHP Forum Software since since January 2015.


By maintaining CelicaHobby.com, a Toyota Celica enthusiast website, I’m keeping my web programming, SEO, database, and content management skills current. This is a modern continuation of a past project, EverythingCelica.com.


In my spare time I also enjoy working with Google’s Android operating system. I began with Android 1.6 (Donut) on the original DevPhone2, the Google Ion. Since then, I’ve worked with each Android version up to the current release version, Android 8 (Oreo). Working with custom ROMs has really been a great learning experience.


In addition to Android, I also enjoy keeping up with everything to do with Google’s Chrome OS on a Cr-48 Chromebook and the ASUS C301SA Chromebook.


In another portion of my spare time I enjoy learning new photography styles using a Canon DSLR, and with a current flagship smartphone (kek). You can find a sample of my photos here.

Past Projects

Pacific Southwest Insurance Services, inc.

Designed a simple, straight-forward website for PSW Insurance.

bpm, inc.

Created database software for collection, management, and reporting of patient medical information, fetal monitor tracings, and legal documents and deposition reviews.


From 2001 through 2005, I designed, programmed, and maintained an e-commerce, social networking, and content management website. EverythingCelica.com was one of the largest Toyota Celica enthusiast websites in the world. It also provided a large inventory of aftermarket parts, shipped to anywhere in the United States. Many technical how-to guides and articles were written to enable customer know-how. Many events and user meets were coordinated and photographed every month.


In 1999, I created and simultaneously ran four different internet streaming radio stations which also had the ability to take live requests. The stations were commercial-free, and would broadcast underground/alternative music and mega-mixes.

Valley Perinatal Medical Group

Designed user-friendly paper forms for collection of patient information, patient billing, post procedure instructions, and the new patient questionnaires. I also created all other office stationary such as time sheets, business cards, authorization requests, directions-to office forms, and standardized the format of the consultation forms and examination reports.

Other Past Projects

• Owner and operator of VPBBS (WWIV BBS, single line), DCHAT (DLX BBS, 4 lines), and A.M.I. BBS (Renegade BBS, 2 lines via DESQview) in the early ’90s.
• Using Nulsoft ShoutCast, I simultaneously ran four different streaming radio stations from 1999 to 2002.
• Wrote a Donkey Kong clone for the Atari 1200XL.
• Installed Android on an iPhone 2G (A1203).
• Installed Windows 8 on Google Cr-48 Chromebook.
• Extensive experience with each version of Microsoft Windows, 3.1 through 10, including the tablet-editions.
• Built dynamic websites using Ruby on Rails.
• Built websites using WordPress. Customized them to perfectly blend-in with third-party and proprietary web applications.
• Installed and ran Ultimate Bulletin Board CGI v3 to v6 for several years.
• An active contributor to UBB.threads v6 and v7 via UBBDev.com developer forums, and UBBCentral.com support forums.
• Customized and performed several installations of Codex Gallery v1, v2, and v3 software.
• I ran IBM OS/2 Warp!
• Built a show car. Showed it off at several car shows. Won some trophies.
• Installed a Sony PlayStation, and later, a Nintendo/NES, to that show car.
• Was a live DJ at The Palace in Hollywood for two years.
• Was also a Club DJ in Santa Monica and in Woodland Hills, several times a week for several consecutive years.
• I’ve been custom building PCs as a personal hobby since 1990.
• Professionally designed and built custom PCs with Agama Computers Etc. (A.C.E.) in 1994.
• Worked with ICTN and trained corporate employees how to use Microsoft Windows & Office applications.
• Worked with Ted Heiman & Associates, customizing telemarketing software and acquired experience in the art of market research through focus groups & telephone surveys.